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Real Vision Interview – The Exponential Age – Money, Energy and Data

Published 02 Dec 2021

Tim Davies and Raoul Pal are old friends from the Goldman Sachs days. In this opportunity, Raoul sits down on “The Exponential Age” to talk about Tim’s research and where he sees the biggest opportunities.

Tim has written a series of white papers for the asset management firm Holon, where he looks at the infrastructure building blocks for Web 3.0, based around the concept of technology and the need for new forms of money, cheaper energy, and exponentially more data. In this fascinating discussion, Tim explains that the world is simply not prepared for the exponential increase in data creation and storage and how that offers opportunities for new business models.

They also discuss the cryptocurrency Filecoin. The look on Raoul’s face alone, when they take a deep dive into Tesla and where it is going, is worth the price of admission. As Tim says – we are just not prepared to understand exponentiality vs linearity! Recorded November 16, 2021



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