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Holon launches Australia & NZ’s first green Web 3.0 data storage, in Hamilton, New Zealand

Published 06 Jun 2023


Thursday 1st June 2023

Holon launches ANZ’s first green Web 3.0 data storage in Hamilton, New Zealand

  • It follows the March 2022 launch of Holon’s Filecoin data infrastructure in Western Sydney
  • Holon already provides Filecoin data storage for the world’s largest and most prestigious organisations
  • The New Zealand data centre purchases 100% renewable energy from hydro, geothermal and wind sources to power data storage solutions to help organisations reach their sustainability goals
  • It will store 27 Petabytes of data
  • All the storage has been pre-sold before launch, reflecting huge demand for sustainable data management
  • Holon remains committed to its ESG mandate with industry leading renewable-energy powered Filecoin data storage

Sydney June 1, 2023, 09:00 AM AEDT Holon, a next-generation Web 3.0 data storage provider, has launched the Australia-New Zealand (ANZ) region’s first green Web 3.0 data storage, in Hamilton, New Zealand.

The data facility, which will store 27 Petabytes of data and harness the power of blockchain technology using the Filecoin Network.

Through its existing Filecoin data infrastructure in Western Sydney, Holon is already managing data for some of the world’s most prestigious organisations and universities, including Nasa and the University of Southern California, among others.

“This is the first hydro, geothermal and wind powered Web 3.0 storage system in New Zealand and the whole ANZ region,” says Holon Director of Technology & Innovation, Jonathan Hooker.

“The launch of Holon’s data storage in Hamilton is a vital step in empowering organisations, both globally and in the ANZ region, to store their data in a robust way. But, importantly, it helps organisations reach their sustainability and ESG goals by allowing that data storage to be renewable-energy powered, with total transparency,”

“Organisations are hungry for green data storage solutions, and that massive demand is reflected in the fact that we have pre-sold all the storage before launch.”

Hooker says the Hamilton data storage is helping solve a global problem of developing a sustainable internet for the future.

The world is facing a data storage crisis. Holon estimates data generated from electric vehicles, internet of things (IoT) devices and other technology platforms including virtual and augmented reality, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, could surge from just over 100 Zettabytes (ZB) in 2022 to over 120,000 ZB by 2040.

“Given the current torrent of information in the world, data storage has never been more vital,” Hooker says “But it requires significant energy. So we need to store that data in a sustainable way if we are to protect the planet and secure our long-term future. Holon’s Hamilton data infrastructure is a major step forward in providing a solution to that challenge.”

Hooker says that many sustainable initiatives, including carbon offsets, lack transparency. But the Hamilton data centre purchases 100% green energy. “You can point straight to the hydro, which is just down the road.”

Earlier in 2022, Holon launched Filecoin data storage infrastructure in Western Sydney.

Hooker says that Holon wanted to launch in a second country, New Zealand. “We really wanted two countries. That provides dual redundancy for the data, so it’s robust.”

The data will be placed in ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ storage. It will keep one copy of data as a sealed sector which makes it verifiable (connected to the blockchain and cryptographically sealed). Another copy will be unsealed which means customers can download it very quickly.

Holon’s data centre storage system is being provided by Seagate, who have become a valued partner.

Hooker adds, “Holon is serious about doing business responsibly. We have recently been awarded the highest Gold tier by Filecoin Green, and are on track to have our entire operation 100% green by 2024.”

Filecoin is an open-source, public cryptocurrency and digital payment system intended to be a blockchain-based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval method. This protocol was developed and launched by Protocol Labs in 2014. The advantages of data stored on the Filecoin protocol are many. Unlike current Web 2.0 cloud storage, Filecoin provides much stronger verifiability, security, and data sovereignty – all at a fraction of current market rates.

Filecoin currently represents over 800 PiB of storage and is proving to be the global technology of choice, with over 98% of Web 3.0 storage currently on the Filecoin Network.

There is a data explosion on the horizon, with the world moving from majority human generated to machine generated data. Holon is answering by investing in and deploying data storage onto the Filecoin network in the Australian and Asia Pacific region. Holon is also guided by Filecoin Green’s Storage Providers Green Guide.

Corporations, regulators and consumers care about ESG issues, and investors simply cannot exclude them. The Filecoin data storage system is one of the most significant Web 3.0 technologies that will underpin the next generation of the internet. It acknowledges that the future must position environment, social, and governance at its center.

About Holon

We’re a leading Asia Pacific distributed data storage provider that is powered by the Filecoin ecosystem. Blockchain technologies enable us to drive your competitive edge, with secure, cost effective – and the greenest – data storage solutions. We believe exponential growth in the world’s data can be met with security, budgetary and ESG priorities at the forefront – for the benefit of all.

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Disclaimer: This Article has been prepared by Holon Global Investments Limited ABN 60 129 237 592. Holon Global Innovations Pty Ltd (“HGI”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Holon Global Investments Limited (together “Holon”). HGI is a Filecoin (FIL) Storage Provider and is positioned as a major player in the FIL decentralised data storage arena. FIL Storage Providers are rewarded in FIL for the provision of data storage capacity. Holon, its officers, employees and agents believe that the information in this material and the sources on which the information is based (which may be sourced from third parties) are correct as at the date of publication. While every care has been taken in the preparation of this material, no warranty of accuracy or reliability is given and no responsibility for this information is accepted by Holon, its officers, employees or agents. Except where contrary to law, Holon excludes all liability for this information.

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