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Holon Photon Fund

Your data problems
have a Web 3.0 solution.

We are a rare breed – Web 3.0 active participants and investors.

We’ve taken the lead in the Asia Pacific region as a Web 3.0 Filecoin data storage provider, to provide leading edge data solutions that solve everything the larger storage players cannot.

We’re on the move
so you can stay ahead.

We know Web 3.0 because we’re helping build Web 3.0.

Our data storage in Western Sydney and New Zealand is only the beginning. Our 100% green mandate is a game changer for the emerging Web 3.0 ecosystem.

The big players have
been proven fallible.

As we move from majority human generated to machine generated data the stakes are high.

Modern firms like yours need modern solutions, and Holon has the expertise – and infrastructure – in place.

We Do


We are studying and pioneering Web 3.0. This new tech stack is giving birth to a wide range of new business & data models, data DAOs, new assets, NFTs – and much more.

Building the future

Holon is investing in and building one of the biggest markets on the planet – verifiable decentralised data storage. We believe the only way to predict the future is to create it.

Investing in disruption

We want to re-write what you know about decentralised finance (DeFi), digital assets (crypto) and digital asset custody – all key Holon investments with an ESG lens.

100% Sustainable

Holon’s operations will not only contribute to achieving net zero but aim to be 100% sustainable. Our 100% green New Zealand storage and our South Australia solar farm are only the beginning.

Community & Ecosystem

We are actively involved in helping our clients, investors, advisors, and partners navigate Web 3.0. We run education sessions, hackathons and ecosystem events. Get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Leadership Team

Heath Behncke in

Managing Director & CEO, Holon Group


Luke Behncke in

Executive Chair, Holon Group


Chris Davis in

Non-Executive Chair, Holon Group

jonathan hooker

Jonathan Hooker in

CEO, Holon Global Innovations

Tim Davies in

Director of Research, Holon Group

Rory Scott in

CEO, Holon Investments Australia


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