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Holon Global Investments - Active Fund Manager

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How are we different?

Holon has a different investment strategy, one that will benefit from digital disruption (not suffer from it), de-risking asset allocation, and ultimately, investments.

We look beyond traditional public markets to understand the innovation and disruption that can benefit and protect the wealth of our clients.

We are surfacing good, resilient businesses that will lead the transition from today’s business models to new ones of the future and invest in them.

How do we do what we do?

We make global investments in companies with compelling value propositions, managed by competent and capable people of integrity.

We put ourselves in the shoes of those leaders, and think deeply about the probabilities of the businesses achieving our investment objective and your wealth goals.

We find the businesses that we can’t live without today and search for the game-changing businesses of tomorrow and the future.

What are we doing?

Holon is the next generation fund manager that is keeping pace with the pace of change.

We commenced with the Holon Photon Fund, a managed fund offering simple access, open to everyone to invest in the best businesses the world has to offer. 

Our range of funds will cover global investments and investing in digital assets.

We aim to be your trusted investment partner for wealth creation.


We invest in global business models at the forefront of innovation

global innovation fund


Investment ideas are fluid and unconstrained but great business ideas start with a problem that needs solving

global innovation fund


A disciplined fundamental approach is core to our investment decisions

global innovation fund

ESG Assessment

Strong Environmental, Social and Governance focused businesses are better investments over the long term

global innovation fund

Holon Scorecard

Qualitative assessments are represented as scorecards to reduce bias and increase comparability of the various industries and business models

global innovation fund


The Portfolio is constructed to express our conviction of the underlying assumptions, and a risk overlay ensures protection from uncertainties

“We construct a portfolio that is investing in the best companies in the world, those that are emerging leaders of tomorrow, and things that are going to impact our world in the future.”

Mark Roddy

Holon Global Investments - Wealth Creation


Accelerating innovation and globalisation trends such as cloud platforms, media, new ways of working and communications are disrupting markets globally. 

We used to think “local & linear” but now global digitalisation is evolving business models to “borderless & scalable”. 

We invest in the businesses and leaders that are creating the large scale opportunities in public markets of today, tomorrow and the future.


Heath Behncke in

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager


Luke Behncke in

Executive Chair


Chris Davis in


jonathan hooker

Jonathan Hooker in

Managing Director of Holon Global Innovations

Tim Davies in

Director of Research

Rory Scott in

Head of Asset Management

Peter Titley

Peter Titley in

Head of Distribution - Australia


Stephen Karrasch in

Head of Key Accounts


Mark Roddy in

Senior Analyst

Charlie Nave in

Senior Analyst

Todd O’Dea in

Investment Analyst

Oliver Burston

Oliver Burston in

Investment Analyst

Michael Haynes in

Investment Analyst

Lucas Giannesini in

Business Development Analyst


Meg Dennis in

Head of Ecosystem & Operations

Anthony head shot 3

Anthony Smith in

Head of Engineering


Adrian Lanzafame in

Senior Software Engineer

Paulius Gutauskas in

Web 3.0 Researcher

Sam Smith in

Development Operations Engineer


Catherine Kades in

Digital & Marketing Manager

David Fedirchuk in

Head of Content


Deanne LeCerf 

Executive Support Officer

Lydia Lee in

Finance Manager

Tia Le Cerf 

Digital Designer

Lucas Videla in

Operations Support Officer


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