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How are we different?

We are a rare breed – Web 3.0 investors and active participants. Our position as a Web 3.0 data storage provider informs our investment funds, to build wealth and opportunity for our customers.

Our investment strategy has been designed for you to benefit – not suffer – from digital disruption, de-risking asset allocation, and ultimately, investments.

We are surfacing good, resilient businesses that will lead the transition from today’s business models to new ones of the future and invest in them.

How do we do what we do?

We know Web 3.0 because we’re helping build Web 3.0.

We make global investments in companies with compelling value propositions, managed by competent and capable people of integrity, to assist you with your wealth goals.

We find the businesses that we can’t live without today and search for the game-changing businesses of tomorrow and the future.

What are we doing?

Holon is a next generation asset manager that is keeping pace with the pace of change, as we move to a Web 3.0 world.

Our flagship offering, the Holon Photon Fund, is a managed fund offering simple access, open to everyone to invest in some of the best businesses we believe the world has to offer.

Leadership Team

Heath Behncke in

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager


Luke Behncke in

Executive Chair


Chris Davis in


jonathan hooker

Jonathan Hooker in

Managing Director of Holon Global Innovations

Tim Davies in

Director of Research

Rory Scott in

Head of Asset Management

Holon Training &
Recruitment Program

Our Training and Recruitment Program is designed for highly motivated and ambitious individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in funds management and Web 3.0 technology. We look for a range of candidates across disciplines including finance, economics, commerce, science, engineering, and mathematics.

Broadly, the two-week program is designed to broaden your horizons within financial markets, gaining the opportunity to learn from our Investment Team. You will analyse and identify attractive investment opportunities across global markets – including innovative companies, industries, or structural themes – that you are passionate about with the guidance of industry professionals. Holon is dedicated to building a team of highly motivated and passionate self-starters who bring a diversity of backgrounds and opinions. At program completion, you may be offered a full-time position to commence working at Holon when you finish off your academic studies. For any enquiries related to the program or application process, please contact us on our contact page.



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