Holon: /ὅλον/
  • 1. from the Greek meaning ‘...something that is simultaneously a part and a whole...’

Our Story

Holon is a global equities manager focussed on innovation and investor aligned wealth management. Established in 2018, Holon brings together a team of experienced investment and business professionals, and is committed to growing the wealth of Australians through intelligent and responsible investing.

We believe that Australians are structurally underweight investment and exposure to innovation in the global economy as it sits outside traditional investment parameters. The Holon Photon Fund provides wholesale and retail investors with diversified exposure to businesses taking advantage of global innovation, particularly digital innovation, that are scalable and have strong competitive advantage – investing where the world is going.

We believe that investors experience lower returns because of intermediary conflicts, creating sub-optimal investment decision making at the portfolio level. Holon’s co-investing opportunity with the personal portfolio of the investment manager is a better way to manage risk and align returns. There is no incentive to grow funds under management, only to perform. This is Holon’s investor aligned wealth model.

We believe the infrastructure to scale an investor aligned wealth model does not exist today. Holon’s longer-term vision is the development of a technology platform to scale investor aligned wealth management solutions.

We believe that wealth creation should benefit all, and more importantly, that creation is shaped together. At Holon, we wish to be the change we want to see.


We invest in global business models at the forefront of innovation.

Accelerating innovation and globalisation trends are disrupting markets globally. We invest in global business models at the forefront of innovation that capture large scale opportunities in public markets by investing in the leaders, enablers and beneficiaries of today, tomorrow and the future. In particular, we believe that global digitalisation is seeing business models evolve from ‘local & linear’ to ‘global & exponential’ in nature.

We employ a probability-based investment approach and define risk relative to the aim of achieving the Return Objective.

Fundamentally, risk is viewed as the probability of an asset not generating the expected returns, which, if large enough, can lead to a permanent loss of capital. Risk is not thought of as a statistical measure of price volatility either absolute or relative to an index.



A portfolio of a small number of carefully selected businesses offers us the ability to take advantage of our highest conviction ideas, whilst also providing sufficient diversification.

Staying within our circle of competence while accessing an investment universe of global equities, provides the greatest flexibility to find attractive investment opportunities.

Our Team

Heath Behncke in

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Luke Behncke in

Executive Chair

Chris Davis in


Tim Davies in

Director of Research

Mark Roddy in

Research Analyst

Jonathan Hooker in

Head of Innovation

Juan Carlos Barrera

Global Initiatives

Felipe Martin

Director of Distribution and Structuring

Ivan Dario Romero


Mauricio Hernandez in

Distribution Manager

Catherine Kades in

Digital & Marketing Manager

Deanne LeCerf

Executive Support Officer

Meg Dennis in

Client Experience