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Today & Tomorrow

In the last decade we have experienced a decline in capital growth from many things that used to provide good returns, such as real estate, mining and banking.

In 2020, the world accelerated its move online in just a few short weeks.

Today we now depend on many platforms and technology enabled companies, known as the ‘Mega Caps’, like Amazon, Alibaba and Google.

Tomorrow the emerging Mega Caps are set to innovate at scale, like Afterpay, Roku and Tesla.

Innovations, like Bitcoin, re-engineer the technologies of today and tomorrow for the Future.

But we aren’t benefiting from their success if we aren’t investing in them.


The Future

Why is it so important to look beyond what we know today?

If we experience another decade of declining capital growth our standard of living and quality of life will also decline.

Innovation drives wealth creation, and everyone should have equal opportunity to invest in the best companies globally that are driving that innovation.


Curious to learn what may lay ahead? What is Web 3.0 and will cryptocurrencies be part of the future?

Q2 Holon Photon Fund Peformance and Market Update

The Holon Photon Fund has achieved a 47.6% return over the last 12 months, outperforming the MSCI ACWI Index by 20 %. Watch below our Q2 2021 performance and market update by MD Heath Behncke.  He discusses key market themes for the quarter along with portfolio activity.  

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Holon Global partners with Gemini to launch Wholesale Filecoin Fund

PRESS RELEASE 0800 AEST 4-Aug-2021 Holon Global partners with Gemini to launch Wholesale Filecoin Fund Leading Australian fund manager Holon Global is inviting investors to participate in the growth of one of the most important innovations of this decade – decentralised data storage Partnering with Gemini to provide institutional grade custody for the Holon Wholesale […]