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Chairs Corner – Dr Digital

Published 17 May 2022

Web 3 and Me!

(With love and respect to Dr. Suess)

Far off in the distant past,
the internet was not so fast.

Controlled by few so they say,
there was no option, no other way.

Message me, message you,
that is all Web 1 could do.

Oh deary me, Oh deary me,
I am waiting for Web 3.

But Web 2 came from here to there,
Web 2 seemed to be everywhere.

Social media hurt my brain,
explosive growth in all domains.

Controlled by few it was clear,
No doubt about it, oh dear, oh dear.

Take back control,  control by WE!
but where to go, Oh yes, Web 3!

Decentralise, democratise,
distribute and monetise.

People first, incentivise,
I love Web 3 to my surprise!

Crypto, tokens, NFT,
bubbling in volatility.

Value seen, adoption growing,
where to from here we are not knowing.

Cooperate, collaborate,
that is how we innovate.

We work it out as we go,
Accelerate, more fast, less slow.

I live in hope that all will see,
the benefits of this Web 3!

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