The Innovators – Episode 4 – OCI talk the fundamentals needed for successful AI & ML projects in the financial sector

Published 17 Jul 2020

Jonathan caught up with Tonya Ehlmann, Director of Strategy and AI/ML for Object Computing Inc. (OCI).  OCI are the innovators, shaping the future of how AI & Ml is used in global fortune 500 companies, including the financial sector.

Their conversation covered:

      • How did you join OCI? 0:16 min
      • AI and machine learning, what does that mean and how do they work? 01:45 min
      • To feed the machine learning algorithms how much data do you need? 02:31 min
      • Is there a standard process you would go through from start to finish? 03:56 min
      • Can you give us a client based example? 05:58 min
      • Where is this data stored and at what cost? 10:54 min
      • Finance companies, how much money are they spending, what problems are they solving and how? 14:28 min
      • Will AI be applied differently across traditional and new financial platforms? 18:07 min
      • Combining AI and blockchain – What was the start-up trying to achieve? 19:42 min
      • What mind set change needs to happen for machine learning and AI adoption? 21:12 min
      • What advice would you give Holon around the adoption of machine learning and AI? 23:51 min
      • How will data change the world? 24:59 min


Object Computing, Inc. (OCI)
Web: www.objectcomputing.com/

Holon Global Innovations
Web: holon.investments/innovations/

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