The Innovators – Episode 3 – Horizen talk about zero-knowledge proof cryptography and real-world use cases for Blockchain

Published 18 Jun 2020


Jonathan caught up with Robert Viglione, Co-founder and President of Horizen and CEO at Horizen Labs. Horizen are the innovators, shaping the future of blockchain technology and unlocking its power for real-world uses. Their conversation covered zero-knowledge proof cryptography, sidechain technology and the following questions were discussed:


    • When and how did you get involved in blockchain? 00:55min
    • Tell us why you launched Horizen? 01:48min
    • What is the Horizen elevator pitch? 02:33 min
    • What problems are you solving and how big are those problems? 03:02 min
    • What is the underlying innovation at Horizen? 04:18 min
    • What is zero knowledge proof cryptography? 05:16 min
    • Should other industries be looking at your technology as a solution? 06:35 min
    • What is Horizen running on? 07:46 min
    • How does Horizen make money for expansion and growth? 08:53 min
    • How much control does a developer have over a sidechain? 09:44 min
    • Are the miners validating the sidechains? 10:53 min
    • Are long will the sidechain technology stay in testnet? 13:17 min
    • How scaleable is the sidechain technology? 14:13 min
    • Does each sidechain run across your whole node network? 15:13 min
    • What challenges does Horizen face over the next 6 to 12 months? 15:59 min
    • Can you give us an overview of Horizen Labs? 17:14 min


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