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Holon Tailors New Crypto Offerings to Retail Investors – Eureka Report

Published 24 Aug 2022

Alan Kohler from the Eureka Report sat down and talked to Holon’s Heath Behncke and Rory Scott, in this recent article:

Holon Tailors New Crypto Offerings to Retail Investors

16 August 2022.

An extract is below, you can access the full article here .

In the wake of the cryptocurrency shakeout, Heath Behncke, CEO of Holon Global Investments, and Investment Officer Rory Scott tell Alan Kohler why retail investors should consider investing in their three new funds – one for Bitcoin, one for Ethereum and the other for Filecoin.

Alan Kohler here and I’m talking to Heath Behncke, who is the CEO of Holon Global Investments Limited, and also his Investment Officer, Rory Scott. So, there’s the two of them, Heath and Rory, and they’re talking about these three retail funds that they’ve launched for retail investors investing in crypto, one investing in Bitcoin, one investing in Ethereum and a third one investing in Filecoin.

Now, I want to make it clear that I’m not recommending that you invest in these things, I’m just providing information. If you are interested in investing in crypto in some way, in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Filecoin, this might be a way to do it.

They’ve got a fee of 80 basis points on it so you lose that as opposed to buying the product, the thing itself. It just means that you don’t need to get involved in these crypto exchanges and have a crypto wallet and soon to invest in them. If you don’t want to do that, you can just go through these funds. And of course, Bitcoin’s fallen quite a long way from the peak of $65,000, it’s now around about $23,000 apiece, but it seems to have stabilised at that level and sort of gradually rising in the last couple of months, so it didn’t continue in freefall, that’s for sure.


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