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Chair’s Corner – The Eleven Commandments of Investing

Published 10 Aug 2022

Anyone can give ten commandments; Holon gives you eleven.

Navigating the relentless “noise” to assess investment opportunities and strategies as expediently as possible is a difficult task for the average investor. However, the following Eleven Commandments should be of some assistance in this regard.

1. Thou shalt not fall for ‘Clickbait’…leave that to the social media bots.

2. Thou shalt treat with suspicion the policies of governments and central banks who are forever cleaning up their own messes at the taxpayer’s expense…it sucks, but what do you expect?

3. Thou shalt listen to experts only if they can walk their talk…this should narrow down your Podcast list.

4. Thou shalt research verified facts dispassionately and draw one’s own conclusions…nothing beats exercising your brainpower.

5. Thou shalt understand that past performance is no indicator of future performance…yep, the world is changing.

6. Thou shalt understand that global volatility is not going away…deal with it.

7. Thou shalt realise that the irrationality of markets is just that, irrational…welcome to human psychology.

8. Thou shalt understand that digital technology is as essential for the modern world as food and energy…can you live without your mobile phone?

9. Thou shalt understand that new, globally scalable business models, enabled through digital innovation, makes the world exceptionally small for individuals and exponentially massive for the businesses’ market share…yep, again, the  world is changing.

10. Thou shalt stick with a convicted investment strategy, otherwise, it’s just gambling…that’s right, you heard, changing your mind every five seconds is not a strategy, it’s a reaction.

11. Sometimes the best investment decision you can make is to close your laptop and go for a walk around the block.

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