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Chair’s Corner – A recipe for ‘Global Volatility’ and the investor experience

Published 09 Mar 2022

The following recipe for ‘Global Volatility’ has been served a great deal throughout history. In small or large portions is it guaranteed to please if you don’t eat it.

Bon Appétit!


1 cup of accelerating technological innovation;
1 cup of ideologically-driven, geopolitical tensions;
1/4 cup of globalisation;
1 teaspoon of 24/7 mass-media, alarmist “click-bait”;
3 cups of a global pandemic (COVID-19 preferably or equivalent in Military Conflict);
3/4 cup of outdated central monetary and fiscal policies; and
1 kg (2.2lbs) of raw or well-seasoned investors.


1. In a large bowl, or planet-wide, complex socio-economic biosphere (whichever you have handy), mix:
2. Place mixed ingredients into a deep baking dish where the dish is deep enough so investors can’t climb-out.
3. Put dish into an oven (heated via global warming) and bake for as long as it takes to make a discrete exit.
4. After hoping for the best, take the dish out of the oven with someone else’s hands and try not to look at it. Instead, ask for ‘expert’ advice and do the opposite.
5. Garnish with fantastic stories about how good the dish will taste and serve with a serious face.

SERVES: 1 to 8 Billion (give or take)

CAUTION: Never eat this yourself as it is a health (and wealth) hazard. Only serve to others.

The Investor Experience

The current global volatility is very much like the above recipe. If you get caught in the mix, it is very difficult to know what to do next.

However, volatility denotes a ‘turning or boiling-point’ in any system where the system is in the throes of changing direction. And right now, that’s at a global scale with global impact.

We encourage investors to understand the direction(s) that are emerging and be not so concerned about the frothy mess in the immediate – otherwise, it’s just gambling, a game of chance and eventually can send you mad. At Holon, we look to the mega-trends that will guide the future. We think long-term and invest long term. As we like to think of it, for our customers it’s a recipe for success.

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