• “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”
    —Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft


The Future is Web 3.0

Like any technology, the World Wide Web is evolving as our needs as humans change. Today we’re in need of a smarter internet to serve our ever-connected lives.

The current internet (Web 2.0) gives enhanced social communication capabilities at the cost of personal data. The World is now asking the question, is there a better way for users to manage their own personal information?

The future of the internet (Web 3.0), while providing the advantages of Web 2.0, aims to empower users to own and control their personal data.

With Web 3.0, industry, social organisations and governments are set to change forever.

At Holon, we research Web 3.0 with tenacity and overlay an institutional lens as this technology of the future evolves.

The Holon Innovations
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OCI - Principal Engineer/Partner, Blockchain Practice Lead

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OCI - Principal Software Engineer/Architect

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Prismatik - Emerging Technologies

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Prismatik - CEO/Principal Engineer
  • “...money is the blood of society. Its circulation and balanced distribution is critical to the organism we call humanity…”

The Libra

Establishment of the Libra Association, an independent, Swiss, not-for-profit organization to create a global digital currency (“Libra”) to enable billions of people to access fast, low-cost and secure payment transactions anywhere on the planet is a major innovation in financial services.

Libra’s introduction may significantly impact the Australian financial services industry but also provide unprecedented opportunities to support new jobs, businesses and markets.

Australia’s participation in Libra’s proposed innovations is critical to ensuring our country is well placed to take advantage of these opportunities and identify transitional impacts as the global digital financial system evolves.


Invest in Australia's future.

Holon Global Innovations is not affiliated with the Libra Association.  It has been established by Holon Global Investments Limited and key associates to develop a consortium of partners to support successful application of Founding membership of the Libra Association and to operate a validator node.

Our vision is to enable financial inclusion in Australia through digital innovation by working collaboratively with business, technology, Academic and social impact partners, and consult with governments and regulators to provide a “whole of system” approach to the challenges and opportunities that Libra’s innovation may bring.

Our view is that securing membership of the Libra Association may address the industry, business, regulatory and social impact risks associated with a lack of intelligence gathering, representative activities and ecosystem engagement opportunities if Australia were not to participate.

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Our Libra
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Legal & Regulation

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Legal & Regulation

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