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Published 01 Jul 2019

Investing is our thing, we’re great at it – and investing in our communities is just as important to us (and it’s a privilege too!). It’s time to give back, and where better than community and sporting clubs. These wonderful not-for-profit clubs exist all over Australia, in places small and large. From densely packed cities to sprawling regional centres, they provide an important point of connection in communities, and sometimes the only one. They bring together people from diverse backgrounds and for a range of different activities. They help shape character and connect people, providing more than game days and final scores, more than trophies and triumphs. They foster not only specific sporting skills, but help players learn teamwork, leadership, commitment, friendship, focus, resilience and problem solving, all while riding the ups and downs that go with victories and defeats, good times and tough moments. And importantly, these skills impact well beyond the sporting arena, they influence everyday life and decision making, creating healthier, more connected communities.

Heath Behncke (Holon’s Founder and Managing Director), has experienced this first-hand. His academic and business successes, and lifelong friendships, have drawn on all those skills mentioned above, many of which he gained through his years spent playing water polo in community clubs before going on to the Australian Institute of Sport. Those clubs that helped shape him, are still going, they run on donations and thousands of volunteer hours. But like all not-for-profits the passion alone isn’t enough to ensure a sustainable future, and securing funding is vital if they are to keep going. Knowing that current and future club players, will become the next to benefit from being involved, taking those skills and connections into their lives and communities, Heath wanted to help, but how? Well, securing the clubs with a sustainable financial future would be key, and he has the skills and the company to do it.

So, Heath along with the club President, and other successful past players (some of whom have been supporting the club for years both financially and via volunteering) decided to establish the Magpies and Killer Whales Endowment Fund. For the cost of about a cup a coffee a week, players, both past and present, fans, family and community supporters are asked to make a tax deductible donation via the Australian Sports Foundation. These donations will then be used to establish a community endowment fund and invested by Holon to grow a base of capital to generate an ongoing income stream to support the needs of the club and its members going forward. Funds from the community endowment fund will be used to support the club in many ways including:

  • Grassroots junior development
  • Professional coaching
  • Scholarships
  • Junior team international travel for club training camps
  • Long term pool access options

Holon has helped the club to establish an investment committee and has an acquittal process to ensure transparency. A combined effort of support, passion and business skills will see the club looked after into the future, ensuring all the positive benefits continue to flow. You can find out more about the Magpies and Killer Whales Endowment Fund here, and why not also check out the Australian Sports Foundation website, to see all the wonderful clubs that need support all over Australia.

The technology and opportunity now exist to allow clubs of all types to access an affordable and effective strategy to secure a sustainable financial future. This fostering and support is where we start today, but where we hope to go is in helping clubs all over Australia to secure a sustainable financial future through community endowment funds.

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